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Windows XP operating system

How to find computer model name or serial number on Windows

1. Open command prompt To find out the local computer model name First, open a command prompt and type in the following command to get the local computer model name. wmic csproduct get name To find out the computer serial number Type in the following command to get the computer serial number: wmic bios get serialnumber

Green Video While Playing Flash Player Videos

Symptom(s): While playing flash based videos on internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, able to hear audio but the video renders a green or blue screen while playing. Resolution(s):  1. Update Adobe Flash Player 2. Clear the cache and temporary history in Adobe Flash This is found under Start >> Control Panel 3. Clear the […]

Diskette Drive 0 seek failure Error

Symptom(s): Upon boot-up, a message “Floppy Diskette Seek Failure” of “Diskette Drive 0 seek failure” error appears and the computer won’t load your operating system until you interact with the keyboard. Resolution: 1. Reboot PC and press the “F2” key to go into the bios SETUP. 2. Arrow down to DRIVES and press Enter. 3. Arrow down […]

Poweliks – Dllhost.exe Resource Infection

Symptoms: Windows computer is horribly sluggish and unable to do anything. Checking task manager shows over 10+ “dllhost.exe” or “dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate, CPU at 100% commit, with ram hitting its limit. Restarting the computer into safe mode shows the same issue and computer is slow to respond. Other common programs started by Poweliks include: – dllhst3g […]

Reset Winsock and TCP/IP in Windows OS

Symptom(s): – Internet is not working properly (i.e. page cannot be displayed) – Network: Unknown / The dependency service or group failed to start – Winsock or TCP/IP stack is corrupted 1. Run the command prompt program as an administrator For Windows XP/Vista/7: – Click start icon >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Right click on […]

Keyboard Characters Errors

Symptom(s): Your typing in letters and it shows up as numerical values or numbers instead Resolution: The digital lock is activated. To solve this, simply press the “Fn” and “Num Lk” key at the same time or depending of the model, press the button or “Fn”, “Shift”, and “Num Lk” key all at the same