Failure to Install Windows OS from Mac Boot Camp Assistant 2

“Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install Windows, restart the installation.” Symptoms: Unable to install windows OS from boot camp assistant Restarting the installation process results in the error message loop above Resolution: Acknowledge the error message and click “OK” Windows Setup will attempt to restart […]

Crunch – Generate Dictionary File on Kali Linux

Crunch is preinstalled with Kali Linux. Generate 10 digit phone number wordlist 1. Login as root 2. Open a Terminal and Type: crunch 10 10 -t %%%%%%%%%% -o /root/Desktop/10digits.txt This will generate all possible combinations from 0-9 with up to 10 digits for a dictionary file total of 10,000,000 combinations. The dictionary file size is roughly […]

How to find computer model name or serial number on Windows

1. Open command prompt To find out the local computer model name First, open a command prompt and type in the following command to get the local computer model name. wmic csproduct get name To find out the computer serial number Type in the following command to get the computer serial number: wmic bios get serialnumber

Green Video While Playing Flash Player Videos

Symptom(s): While playing flash based videos on internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, able to hear audio but the video renders a green or blue screen while playing. Resolution(s):  1. Update Adobe Flash Player 2. Clear the cache and temporary history in Adobe Flash This is found under Start >> Control Panel 3. Clear the […]

Install New Font in Mac OSX

How to install new fonts in Mac OSX There are two methods to install fonts in OSX Automatic Method: 1. Unzip the font file 2. Double click the font file and fontbook will open a preview of the font 3. Click “install font” at the bottom of the preview. Manual Method: 1. Close any open […]

Macs Fan Control

Symptom(s): Your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air laptop is overheating and is hot to the touch. Your operating system begins to show signs of slowness and becomes sluggish over time.   Resolution: The default fan control settings on the macbook are set to where it activates when it reaches a certain CPU temperature. To maximize battery […]

Accessing Unidentified Developer Applications on Mac OSX

 Symptom(s): You installed an application in Mac OSX, but unable to launch or open it. This message appears when you do: “” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.   Your security preference allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers. An example of this type of […]

Diskette Drive 0 seek failure Error

Symptom(s): Upon boot-up, a message “Floppy Diskette Seek Failure” of “Diskette Drive 0 seek failure” error appears and the computer won’t load your operating system until you interact with the keyboard. Resolution: 1. Reboot PC and press the “F2” key to go into the bios SETUP. 2. Arrow down to DRIVES and press Enter. 3. Arrow down […]

PHP Display Counter for Facebook Likes, Shares, Comments

Ever wanted to display Facebook’s Likes, Shares, or Comments just as a numerical counter? Well now you can with this simple PHP tutorial. With Facebook’s Legacy FQL API: <?php //The following code returns number of likes, shares, and comments for any Facebook page. function facebook_count($url) { // Query in FQL $fql = “SELECT share_count, like_count, […]

Poweliks – Dllhost.exe Resource Infection

Symptoms: Windows computer is horribly sluggish and unable to do anything. Checking task manager shows over 10+ “dllhost.exe” or “dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate, CPU at 100% commit, with ram hitting its limit. Restarting the computer into safe mode shows the same issue and computer is slow to respond. Other common programs started by Poweliks include: – dllhst3g […]