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Crunch – Generate Dictionary File on Kali Linux

Crunch is preinstalled with Kali Linux.

Generate 10 digit phone number wordlist

1. Login as root

2. Open a Terminal and Type:

crunch 10 10 -t %%%%%%%%%% -o /root/Desktop/10digits.txt

This will generate all possible combinations from 0-9 with up to 10 digits for a dictionary file total of 10,000,000 combinations. The dictionary file size is roughly 102 GB. It took roughly 50 minutes using a 2.6 GHZ i7 Quad Core Macbook Pro to generate all 10 billion combinations or roughly 100 million combinations every 30 seconds. Estimated time will vary depending on your hardware.

 Generate specific area code wordlist

If you want to narrow down a specific combination such as an area code, for example: 707, then use:

crunch 10 10 -t 707%%%%%%% -o /root/Desktop/707areacode.txt

Replace 707 with any area code you wish

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